About Us

What We Do

Research indicates that employers will need to fill nearly 2.2 million new project-oriented roles each year through 2027. At the same time, competition in the project management related jobs are getting tougher.

Your opportunity is widely opened if you’ve mastered the strategies, tools and communication needed to keep projects achieving the objectives. You can show these qualities to your employer through certification. It helps to increase your pay too, i.e. certified PMPs report earning up to 25% more than non-certified project management professionals.

We train project managers for knowledge and skills. Also guide them to earn the professional certification thus enable them to move to the next level.

Who are we?

We are a professional training company, registered with Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF), Ministry of Finance and an ePerolehan enable company.

Since 2008, we trained people from corporate organisations and government departments. Our training methods including Public Class, Private Class, In House Class and Live Virtual Class Training.

We trained people from various types of companies in different levels of positions. Among those companies are Maybank, Public Bank, Petronas, Telekom, Maxis, Genting, etc. For multinational companies, we train people from AIA, Honda, Nokia, Samsung, Sony, Siemen, etc.

On government clientele, we trained people from ministries such as Kementerian Pertahanan Malaysia (MINDEF), Kementerian Kewangan (MoF), Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia (MoE) and departments such as Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Jabatan Kesihatan, Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia etc.


We trained local and international students from diverse background and industries including government departments. 


Principle Trainer

Dr Sanath Sukumaran

Dr  Sanath Sukumaran is an experienced Project Management instructor who has helped hundreds of individuals to prepare and pass their certification examination.  He provides exceptional training through his 15 years in real project management and training experience.

Professional Certifications

Certified Professional Agile Coach

ICAgile, USA ID:80-18999-e25276db-2122-422f-9ae1-4a4e504a9e8a | June 2020 – Present

Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)

Project Management Institute, USA License: 1613310 | June 2016 – Present

Project Management Professional (PMP)

Project Management Institute, USA License: 1613310 | June 2013 – Present

Disciplined Agilist

Disciplined Agile Consortium, Project Management Institute, USA License: 52208366 | September 2019 – Present

Harvard Business School (HBS) CORe Credential of Readiness

Harvard Business School
HBS ID: 201900009782 | July 2019 – Present

Certified Knowledge Manager

Knowledge Management Institute, USA November 2007 – Present

Certification in Training – Train the Trainer

PSMB, Malaysia
License: TTT/10243 | May 2014 – Present

Certified Software Tester

International Software Testing Qualifications Board, Germany April 2013 – Present

Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering

International Requirements Engineering Board, Germany License: MY-CPRE-FL-2009-00029 | December 2009 – Present