Free Training

To help employees who lost their jobs, retrenched or VSS. Eligible if you have contributed to EIS, SOCSO. Learn and get back to work!

Have you lost your job or got retrenched recently?

Join our FREE training. Acquire essential knowledge and skills to get new opportunities. Contact us now!

Available Courses
Requirements (First come first serve basis)
Terms & Conditions
  1. Malaysian
  2. Retrenched or VSS
  3. Contributed Employment Insurance System (EIS), EPF, SOCSO
Procedure to apply
  1. Fill in the form and email to us (Not PERKESO)
  2. Register with EIS system and upload personal documents
  3. Apply for free training
Things to know before collecting form
  1. Are you retrenched or VSS?
  2. Have you contributed to EIS previously?
  3. Have you register with EIS system previously?

Application form

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