Top 10 Project Management Certifications in 2023

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In today’s fast-paced business world, professionals want to improve their skills. Many are choosing to get project management certification.

Out of many options, Project Management Institute (PMI) certifications are globally known and respected. PMI offers well-regarded certifications and a detailed course for different skill levels.

While traditional project management methodologies still hold significant value, there’s a rising demand for project management agile techniques. This shift has made it imperative for aspiring project managers to be adept at both conventional and agile methodologies.

Simply put, if you are a project manager in Malaysia or anywhere else, there are many top project management certifications to choose from. These certifications prove your skills and provide the tools needed to succeed in the field.


Top 10 Project Management Certifications

1. PMP (Project Management Professional)

Offered by: PMI (Project Management Institute)

Considered the gold standard in project management certifications.

A flagship certification offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI), the PMP is the most sought-after credential for project managers globally. Its comprehensive project management course covers traditional methodologies but is continually updated to stay relevant with emerging Project Management Tools and approaches.


2. CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management)

Offered by: PMI

Designed for those with less project management experience.

Also a brainchild of PMI, the CAPM is ideal for newcomers to the inductry. It provides foundational project management training, preparing individuals to climb the ladder toward more advanced certifications.


3. PRINCE2 (Projects IN Controlled Environments)

Commonly used in the UK and Europe. There are two main certifications: PRINCE2 Foundation and PRINCE2 Practitioner.

PRINCE2, especially prevalent in the UK and Europe, provides a structured approach to project management. Its dual certification levels (Foundation and Practitioner) offer flexibility for learners at different stages of their careers.


4. Agile Scrum Master Certification

Focuses on agile and scrum practices.

Offered by several institutions, such as Scrum Alliance (Certified ScrumMaster) and EXIN.

With the rise in demand for project management agile methodologies, this certification has gained immense popularity. Various institutions offer it, focusing on the principles and practices of Agile and Scrum, integral tools in today’s fast-paced project environments.


5. PgMP (Program Management Professional)

Offered by: PMI

For those who manage multiple, related projects.

Another feather in PMI’s cap, the PgMP is tailored for professionals overseeing multiple interconnected projects. It ensures managers can navigate the complexities of larger programs effectively.


6. PMI-ACP (PMI Agile Certified Practitioner)

Offered by: PMI

For those using agile methodologies in their projects.

Recognizing the shift towards agile methodologies, PMI introduced the ACP. It’s a testament to a professional’s proficiency in PM Agile practices, ensuring they’re adept at both traditional and modern approaches.


7. CSP (Certified Scrum Professional)

Offered by: Scrum Alliance

Advanced certification for those deeply involved in Scrum practices.

Offered by the Scrum Alliance, the CSP dives deep into Scrum practices. This advanced certification is for those keen on mastering the intricacies of one of the most popular agile methodologies.


8. MSP (Managing Successful Programmes)

Complements PRINCE2 and is aimed at program management.

A perfect complement to PRINCE2, the MSP is aimed at program management. It ensures professionals have a holistic view of managing multiple projects that are part of larger programs.


9. PMI-RMP (PMI Risk Management Professional)

Offered by: PMI

Focuses on risk management in projects.

Risk is an inherent part of projects. PMI’s RMP trains professionals to anticipate, address, and mitigate project risks effectively.


10. PMI-SP (PMI Scheduling Professional)

Offered by: PMI

Specializes in project scheduling.

Time is a crucial factor in project success. The SP focuses on project scheduling, ensuring managers can design and adhere to realistic and effective timelines.



The value of each certification may vary based on location, industry, and employer needs. Before choosing a certification, research your career goals and ask experienced project managers about preferred certifications in your area.

In Southeast Asia, there’s a growing enthusiasm for project management. With an increase in infrastructure and IT projects, especially in Malaysia, more institutions now offer project management courses and certifications tailored to local needs, helping professionals effectively lead projects.

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