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Key points about this course

Duration: 2 Days
Time: 9.00am – 5.00pm
Course Fee: RM 3,500.00
HRD Corp Claimable Course

Course Overview

As a Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Master, you will hold an invaluable and world-wide recognised qualification in Scrum that will boost your professional standing and prospects.  

It’s equally excellent for beginners, those working in non-software Scrum and Agile roles and for managers and executives who interact with Scrum teams and who want to learn the language and to understand the framework.   

Learning with a Certified Scrum Trainer® (CST) guarantees that you don’t miss out on the key knowledge and skills used by the very best practitioners in Scrum. This is the best way to make sure projects are implemented effectively while  maximising your impact within a high performing Scrum team.

Learning Objectives

This course combines the theory and practice required to make sure you pass the CSM exam and are then able to apply what you’ve learned to real life scenarios when you’re back at work.

If you’re worried about not understanding the language, about being overlooked as your organisation pivots towards Scrum, or about simply being left behind, the contents of this course will put your mind at ease. 

If you are starting out in a working environment in which Scrum and Agile are simply expected to be part of your toolbox, this course will set you on the right path from the outset.

If you’re experienced in Scrum and are looking to gain your certification as a CSM before moving on to Advanced levels of qualification, this course makes sure you will be building on the best possible foundations.

Method of Instruction

The Training involves a 100% hands-on workshop with interactive dialogues, case studies, debates, demos, and instructional games.
with Knowledge: 60%, Skill-Building: 40% transfer.

This Course contains multiple simulations, exercises, demos and role-plays

Who Should Attend

The CSM is For Anyone Looking For Using Scrum

  • Anyone involved in a Scrum Project across the full range of Scrum roles
  • Those newly setting out on their Agile journey in the work force
  • Those already using Agile or Scrum but now want to consolidate their knowledge or address questions that have arisen based on their experience
  • Those in the roles such as Team Leaders, Development Team Members, Marketers, Entrepreneur, Project Stakeholders, Project Managers, Products Owners etc 
Course Outline
Module 1 - Understanding Agile
  • Lean and Agile Principals
  • The Scrum Framework
  • The Theory of Empirical Processes
Module 2 - Scrum Roles
  • The Scrum Master Overview
  • The Product Owner
  • Cross Functional And Self Organised Teams, and, Creating Effective Teams
Module 3 - Product Backlog Fundamentals
  • Product Vision
  • Creating a Product Backlog
  • Product Backlog Management
  • Definition of Ready and Done(DoD)
  • Estimating
Module 4 - Sprint Planning
  • Prioritisation and the Sprint Goal, and, Sprint Planning
  • Managing the Sprint Backlog
  • Sprint Execution
  • Sprint Retrospective
  • Sprint Review
Module 5 - The Sprint
  • Potentially Shippable Product
  • Technical Debt
  • Abnormal Termination
  • Progress Tracking
Module 6 - Scrum Events
  • The Daily Scrum
  • Sprint Review
  • Sprint Retrospective
Module 7 - Service to The Organisation
  • The SM as Agile Facilitator
  • The SM as Agile Coach
  • Value of Engineering Practices
Hand-On Scenario

Simulation of the experience of working in a Scrum Team 

Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Scrum Master?

A Scrum Master is a key role within the Scrum framework, which is a popular method for managing projects, especially in software development. Think of a Scrum Master as a coach and facilitator for a team that uses Scrum to work on projects. Their main job is to make sure the team follows the rules and practices of Scrum, works well together, and stays focused on the task at hand.

The Scrum Master does not manage the team in a traditional sense but helps remove any obstacles the team might face and ensures a smooth workflow. They also act as a bridge between the team and any outside factors that might affect the project. This includes protecting the team from interruptions during a project and helping them interact with other parts of the organization. The Scrum Master is crucial for ensuring that the Scrum team can work efficiently and effectively.

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